Humanitarian work & wild life conservation

We are seeing Africa turn into dust bowls of poverty as its people struggle to make ends meet, fight corruption and provide a future for their children. In places the wildlife that brings revenue from tourism has gone, all that is left is poor livestock and struggling crops. Then we have the droughts of global warming to complete the never ending cycle of destruction

Chagga Mzungu does not believe that it is an ongoing disaster we will use strengths based community development in ways it has never been used before, we are committed to fighting poverty and the wild life terrorism that is poaching. Join us - go to our web site if you want to help

If you get a chance have a look at what corruption is doing to the future of Africa

It really is a case of trying to get the right thinking in the right place.


For years Africa has been rushing headlong into its population explosion.


There are now desperate needs to train and to generate the community development needed to balance the needs of people and the needs of Africa's wild life inheritance. 


If we don't do anything your children and certainly your grandchildren will lose our African wild life - once its gone there will be dust bowls and uncontrolled livestock growth that will profit no one least of all the communities trying to fight the violence of poverty and its hand maiden - starvation.


We need to start with community development programs in the very communities that border the national parks, some agencies are doing this but we need a lot more.

We need a change of thinking - the communities need to see and realise their national parks are the farm, the wild life the fruit, and tourism the harvest.


Join us at Chagga Mzungu help us to create the change needed.





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