In 2017 Chagga Mzungu with the sponsor ship of Rotary Club Darwin North (NT. Australia) provided an innovative solution to a village bordering the Serengeti in Tanzania. 

The village is called Mbirikili and it had a unique problem that was causing famine and in turn anger.

For a number of years the herds of elephant in the Serengeti National Park, which borders on the farm land of the Mbirikili village, have been marauding into the village at night feeding from their corn fields and worse demolishing their mud brick granary to get at the year's harvest of corn. For three years in a row the villagers have had their granary demolished and harvest taken by a thief bigger than and just as powerful as a bulldozer. In 2016 at great expense for the village they built their granary out of cement and besser block. To no avail it was demolished just as easily as their past traditional mud brick granaries.

In discussion with Tumaini Jema Serengeti Conservation we found a grass roots solution - bring in a steel shipping container for the villagers to use as a granary.

With the logistical support of the 'Macho Porini' Safari Company this was accomplished in 2017 and brought into use immediately.

The elephants have not been able to penetrate this new granary, in fact a family who had their hut demolished by an angry and frustrated elephant were able to seek shelter in the granary while awaiting the elephant to depart as they always do in daylight.

This has been a very successful project, the villagers have now been able to protect their harvest, famine is now gone and the villagers are no longer angry with the elephant. Additionally a key objective of Chagga Mzungu has been met - Tumaini Jema Serengeti Conservation now report that no villagers have been recruited in 2017/18 to poach for ivory. The corruption has been rendered ineffective. 

This innovative formula is working - "collectively care for the villagers with tangible development and in turn ask them to care for the wild life."