Chagga.Mzungu (C.M. Humanitarian Association/Consultancy) is an independent NGO specialising in Humanitarian Innovation for the conservation of wild life.  
It is a registered Australian Charity and its partner organisation Tumaini Jema Serengeti Conservation is a registered agency in Tanzania.
Teaming up with Tumaini Jema Serengeti Environmental Conservation we offer creative and innovative solutions in trying to mitigate the humanitarian crises and wildlife difficulties in Tanzania.
Chagga-mzungu also has a range of logistical supports in Tanzania to implement our projects, one key support is the 'Macho Porini' Safari Company which supports and endorses a Chagga Mzungu principle of looking after the people who live with the wild life.
Population explosion and drought (climate change induced) are placing huge pressures on the Serengeti. 
We are an active agency in the Humanitarian and Wild life strategic support fields currently working in Tanzania.
Generating real results for people and conservation.

C.M.Humanitarian Consultancy - a registered Australian Charity

Active in the field as 'Chagga-Mzungu'



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PO.Box 1021 Night Cliff

Darwin NT Australia


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