Humanitarian Community Development combined with Wildlife Conservation.

Working at the grass roots with the

Tumaini Jema

Serengeti Environmental conservation Agency

'THIS IS AFRICA' - Without words a video about Chagga Mzungu's principles  -  people, wildlife tourism and our children - the future ...


A major concern at Chagga.Mzungu is the huge pressure being put on wildlife by local Human populations. To this end and to work with this huge problem we have partnered up with another agency called Tumaini Jema Serengeti Environmental Conservation. 


Tumaini Jema works on the ground with villages that border on the Serengeti. 


In combining and harnessing our collective strengths we are working to provide  pragmatic benefits to these villagers and farming communities.


Chagga-Mzungu innovates humanitarianism to preserve our wildlife


The benefits and resources we supply with your help, provides villagers with real well being and an alternative to poaching. Your support helps us to alleviate the child hunger  which causes villagers to angrily poach for ivory and ingress their farms and livestock into The Serengeti.


Stop the anger - stop the poaching!

Help us minimize the political impact of a population bomb exploding on the Serengeti... 

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